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Getting myself organized


I have blogged about this topic before. My tool chain these days consists of iTunes, Quicktags and beaTunes. I use beaTunes to clean up typos and unintended differences in names, especially in stuff I download from my music blog aggregator. I also use the key detection and then switch the keys to camelot notation by sorting …

I did it! I survived my first gig ..

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Well with about 2 days of practicing Traktor Pro keyboard shortcuts and adding a few here and there, preparing a tentative playlist and mentally getting ready I finally did my first gig. I played 6 hours at the party of the Force Lake ultimate frisbee tournament. About 20 people stuck around til the official end of …

Spring cleaning


I have been spending a lot of time recently trying to organize my song collection. Its quite an under taking and will probably end up being an endless project. At any rate here is a quick run down of what I am doing and how.