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Well I spend a lot of time this week trying to figure out how to fix and expand the juggle mode in Ean's TSI. I am sure its possible within Traktor Pro and I feel embarrassed that I just could not figure it out. I literally spend hours and hours trying different strategies. Anyways, in between I tried out Bento's smart mixing technique. Learned a lot about Ableton Live along the way. I can definitely see this being a ver fun environment to play with. Unfortunately MIDI sync just does not work well and for me its a must, since I do not want to manually manage the tempo as I often will not be mixing as I transition between rock tracks and instead will make sudden BPM jumps. I also ran into some issues with how MIDI assignments work in Ableton Live. However today, hungry for a success, I dove into Bome's MIDI Translator and after some initial tests, I decided to buy a license to get rid of that 20min auto quit in the trail. After some more fiddeling I got things to work! Very sweet.

Now I can get hotcues 1-8 on the deck in focus but having both the juggle knob enabled and holding the juggle button (as per the DJTT 2.2 overlay). Actually I think using Bome's I can get even fancier. The idea being that I will use a timer that will flash the LED in the juggle button. This way I can make it so that when I hit the juggle button while the juggle knob is enabled, it will flash and I will be in hotcue 1-8 mode on the deck in focus. Hitting the juggle button again will throw me back into standard juggle mode and the juggle button will switch just being lid. In other news I have created a google code project to start managing my Bome scripts and Traktor Pro TSI's inside svn. I am hoping that the DJTT community will adopt this place to share code and ideas.

Update: Blinking Lights are a go, check the update in the SVN. I made a short video on my N95 phone to illustrate things.

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