MIK .. what a disappointment


I have been running MIK day and night the last few days only to find out it has a fatal flaw given my efforts to move everything to 256kbit AAC files: it doesnt work with AAC files really .. it cannot update the comments and key tags which are the only sensible places to write the key information as updating the file name messes up your iTunes library if you have the files names managed by iTunes. Bummer. On top of that I am not really happy with the entire workflow of how to initially process your collection and then easily processing newly added files. Finally MIK keeps breaking off when it decides that it cannot process a file.

So this puts a big damper on my experimenting with harmonic mixing .. or maybe I should look at rapid evolution one more time. Speaking of ways to better organize your collection, I am also probably going to try and apply the DJ notation eventually. However I will probably wait until I am ready to start doing real mixes which will require properly beat gridding the relevant songs.

Chad P

These are all good points, thank you for bringing them to our attention. We are looking at adding AAC file tagging for the next update which will be due out later this year, as well as addressing the issue with stalling analysis. I'm sorry that you weren't impressed with out program, but I would ask you to please give us another chance. Mixed In Key 5.0 should work much better for you. In the meantime you can learn more about working with AAC files and Mixed In Key by reading my iTunes thread here: http://community.mixedinkey.com/Topic.aspx?ID=5553

If there is anything else we can help you with please don't hesitate to get in touch. We take customer feedback seriously, and answer customer emails on a daily basis.

All the best,
Chad P
Mixed In Key

2009-04-29 5:09 pm

DJ Suicide Dive

I know you are very active in replying, however for now MIK doesn't work. I will see about MIK 5.0, which you once said should come out in October. It depends on if it will be a free update or not (or if you have a trail by then).

One thing you should do is make the wishlist/todo public, with updated planned version numbers. Currently the forums are full of "we will try" promises, which seem to often not be met. Also with a public wishlist/todo there would probably be much less redundant forum posts.

2009-04-29 5:18 pm

Marc Essen

AAC or not, none of the software is good enough for harmonic mixing in my opinion.

I know it even before i read this article:


2010-01-02 2:59 pm

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